Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Webbing & Wiggling

I used a number of search tools to gather information about my topic. After reading articles from a previous course, I decided to elaborate more about the topic, since it was also a concern of mine with my own son. I used online databases, google searches, and a family member ( I have a sister who is a middle school teacher) and I found some interesting articles and gained meaningful feedback. The topic or search of "how to keep boys interested in reading", is a large topic and many people seek answers for this question. I explored several types of formats from articles to videos and books. Nevertheless I interviewed my relative for her input.

Since there is a lot of information on this topic, I tried to shift to what was really important to me, which is how to keep boys interested and stay motivated to read. By working in a public library, I try to question my population and find out what they like to read and their formats, such as, audio books, books on CD's/tape, etc. I found a lot of the boys enjoy reading comics books sources of some type, for example, manga, magazines, easy reader books, sports, etc. Also, my son will bring home non-fiction books, which I think is great because it's a start in reading some materials. I also try to introduce books on CD to many parents to help their child who is behind in their reading level and when they return the books, they always say "thank you and that was very helpful".

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