Wednesday, January 28, 2009


After, brainstorming with a few ideas of interest, I decided to elaborate on a topic that will truly benefit me personally, as well as educators and parents. My topic is "how to keep school-age boys interested in reading and learning. I have come across many young boys who just do not enjoy reading books. Starting with my own son, from being a teacher, to now a Children's Library. I have asked myself many times, "Why don't boys enjoy reading and how to keep them interested in learning. From my personal experience with my son, who is in the fourth grade, he has a difficult time reading and would rather watch Television than pick up a book. Then, I'm frustrated as a parent because for one, I see him losing interest in his school work, and two, I loved to read books as a child. Also, while I'm working, I ask children about their favorite books or to read after-school and they would rather play on the computers. I know this is not for all boys, but this is a good topic for my inquiry project, because I came across several articles to help explain the process and plan to present a product which may be useful for others.


K Hladek said...

You've selected a timely topic; there is much research out "there" now on this topic. I'll be interested in watching your inquiry process develop. As an English teacher who works with 14- and 15-year-old male students, I'm always keeping an eye out for ideas on how to maintain their interest.

In the classroom it sometimes seems like literature selections or classroom activities engage male OR female students but not both at the same time. What goes over well with boys may not interest girls. Vice versa.

Anyway I'm sure you'll learn a lot along the way.

Mrs. Shields said...


I love your topic! I have a mom who volunteers for me in our media center and she is passionate about helping boys love to read - she has a son who really struggled with that.

She gave me a book called Best Books for Kids Who Think They Hate to Read. It has caused me to search for those kids and make a difference. I have some other interesting articles, books, and encouraging stories from school that I will have to bring home to tell you about. I am sure I will be learning a lot of new tips from you - thanks for tackling this topic!

Good luck!

Jessica said...

Great topic LaKea! I have a few boys in my class who seemed so bored with reading. They aren't necessarily great readers, just disinterested. I cannot wait to see what you find!

jelewalt said...

I, too, am interested in your findings - this is a great topic to explore! I happened to be looking through some pathfinders and came across one you might be interested in checking out:

There are several books, journal articles and websites listed that support "Reading and the Gender Gap." Hope it can be of use to you in your explorations.

Looking forward to your next post...

Jennifer :)